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What is Junior Coding League?

Free Lessons

Junior Coding League provides lessons at no cost, meaning that parents don't have to worry about the costs of learning programming, and can instead focus on allowing their children to develop a passion for programming!

Real-Word Implementation

We do something that no other programming education group does. We give students hands on experience with building applications for their community. Every one of our students identifies a problem in their local community and we help them build an application to solve that problem, allowing them to give back to their community.

Online Tutoring

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, we could no longer continue in-person lessons, and hence Junior Coding League also works to provide students with lessons online. Currently, we have lessons for Java, Python, and Web Development(HTML/CSS/JS) on our youtube channel, so that students can continue to learn and follow on without in-person lessons

Our Achievements


Students Tutored


Established Chapters


Volunteers Nationwide

Junior Coding League and its volunteers work tirelessly to educate the underpriviledged and awaken a passion for programming in younger students. We implore you to join us and work along-side us!

Our Goal.

Our Plan For the Future

Junior Coding League has made a profound impact in the lives of our students, which was exactly the goal that we started out with. Not only have we taught hundreds of students how to program, we have taught them how to give back to their own communities by enabling them to identify and solve the problems that they face in their everyday lives.

That being said, though, Junior Coding League will work to bring its program to as many new and underpriviledged students globally as possible. We are currently working to set up chapters in several international countries, namely India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria! We plan to continue our free lessons in these nations and continue to allow students to discover a passion for programming.

Finally, for students that live in developed nations like the United States, we hope to create an early exposure to programming. Our extensive research has shown that parents are often afraid to enroll their children in programming courses because they fear students may not be able to easily grasp concepts or than the classes cost too much. This is why our classes are not only free, but all of our mentors are extensively trained and vetted. In the future we plan to contiue expanding our volunteers as we grow.

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