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Web Development Series

Hosted by Archit Mehta and Akash Srinivasan

The Web Development Series will cover the essentials of the creation and implementation of Web-based applications. This course will introduce students to programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all essential languages in today's world of accessibility and internet-connectedness. This series is perfect for beginners and advanced programmers alike, and our tutors hope to inspire every student to use the knowledge they will acquire through these lessons to give back to their own communities by building websites to solve issues they are faced with.

Lesson 1 - here

Python Series

Hosted by Vignesh Venkat

The Python series will not only introduce students to the basics of Python programming (syntax and simple concepts), but will also get them started on simple data science techniques, such as collecting data, cleaning data sets, and manipulating and plotting data points. Students will also need to use several modules and will be instructed on how to install and use necessary moduels for each class. Finally, the course will end off with an introduction to machine learning algorithms. This course is recommended for moderately experienced coders, as some concepts will be more advanced

Lesson 1 - here

Java Series

Hosted by Shaurya Agarwal and Aneesh Durai

The Java series will not only introduce students to the basics of Java programming, but also provide a foundation in applying Java in problem-solving. The course teaches Java from introductory-level methods to advanced-level data structures. It is also supplemented with videos that teach applications of Java, in particular math algorithms. This series can prepare a student that is interested in preparing for AP Computer Science as well as programming competitions such as USACO in which you can apply the CS and Math applications taught.

Lesson 1 - here

Lesson 2 - here

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